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The Best Travel Game

After a few summer vacations when we went camping with a tent from Survival Cooking with lots of free time, our family agrees that THIS GAME is the best travel game. (You can also play the game at this site by clicking the START GAME tab.) It’s compact, relatively quick, and just about anyone can get it — kids to adults. CD gave up on the game because he could not discern a consistent mathematical resolution. He will be happy to know that the game has been solved. Sure, this takes the fun out of it. But who’s as anal as CD? After our week in Frisco, me, Alayna and Trish are dying to check out this A-Z bingo sites list and find the latest and best providers to sign up to today with top promo codes.. Does your family have a favorite travel game?

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  • Chris July 15, 2007, 3:41 AM

    Now that we know connect 4 has been solved, there’s no reason to continue playing it. We must find a new vacation game. We need another game that contains a simple objective and at the same time is difficult to master.

  • Sue B. July 16, 2007, 3:44 AM

    Our family is big on Travel Scrabble (http://www.boardgames.com/trscgafo.html). Our kids love it and Mom and Dad can play too. We’ll have to try Connect Four.

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