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Pro-Lifers — The New Terrorists

Many are hailing President Obama’s speech in Cairo last week as the beginning of a new era of tolerance between America and the Muslim world. While some suggest Obama’s speech undercuts extremists, the lack of coverage on stories like THIS indicate otherwise. Islamic extremists have killed far more people in America than religious fanatics have killed abortion doctors. Nevertheless, as the Feds begin an investigation into Scott Roeder’s murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller, this news story about a Muslim convert who murdered a military recruit is swept under the rug. Why?

Ever since 9/11, the mainstream media and those of the liberal persuasion have been doing their best to downplay any connection between Muslims and their right-wing, extremist, counterparts. But unlike pro-lifers denunciation of Roeder’s actions, Muslim organizations do virtually nothing to denounce the terrorist actions of their ideological kin around the world. And Obama’s olive branch does little to force their hand. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood, a jihadist group, praised Obama’s speech. So much for under-cutting extremists.

The truth is, these two events — Muslim convert murders a military recruit and pro-lifer shoots abortionist — reveal the hypocrisy of America’s media. So while there is an ongoing effort to connect Scott Roeder to pro-life spokespersons and groups, there is zero effort to trace this Muslim convert’s action to Islamic ideology and rhetoric. In other words, the media wants to indict the entire pro-life movement and its religious worldview as complicit in the murder of George Tiller, but it refuses to indict Islam for its militant fringe.

According to the new world order, we need not fear suicide bombers and Islamic extremists. It’s those damned pro-lifers who are the real terrorists.

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  • Nicole June 9, 2009, 4:40 AM

    Don't you wonder how many children Tiller murdered? If we're talking abortion/prolife issues as the new arena for terrorism, let's put it right at the feet of the liberal left where it belongs. Tiller killed x number of children. Scott Roeder killed one man.

    Neither should've killed anybody! But of the two if we're making outlandish charges, Tiller was the terrorist.

  • RJay June 17, 2009, 6:41 PM

    Roeder does not fit the definition of a terrorist. He did not attempt to kill many anonymous people in order to elicit terror, he targeted 1 individual in order to stop the actions of that 1 individual.

    He is certainly a murderer, but not a terrorist. Every terrorist is a murderer but not every murderer is a terrorist.

    I like the way Neil Bortz described it. He said “Not every man is a rapist, but if you have a rapist, it’s probably a man. In the same way not every Muslim is a terrorist, but if you got yourself a terrorist, chances are he’s a Muslim.”

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