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Midnight Diner 3 Opens for Submissions!

I’m thrilled to announce that Coach’s Midnight Diner will be making another appearance! If the last volume was the “Back from the Dead” edition, this one’s gotta be the “Alive and Well and Preparing for World Domination”  release. As much as I mull Christian Horror at this site, it’s disturbing, er, encouraging, to know there’s so many readers of said genre out there.

This time around, Decompose friend Michelle Pendergrass will be at the wheel. Michelle is a member of the Indiana Horror Writers Association, believer in the Unseen, and fellow malcontent. Plus, I hear she makes a mean Jalapeno omelet. Once again, I’ll be re-joining the Diner Team as an editor, which guarantees crumbs on your manuscript and the project will run longer than it should.

So for those of you who write paranormal fiction, dark fantasy, supernatural suspense, zombie, vampire, conflicted superhero, or alien criminologist — you know, stuff that just won’t fit in the mainstream — be polishing your story for Diner consideration. Details as the cut deepens…

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