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“The Resurrection” Title Font

I recently took my first peek at the cover design for my debut novel and, when I saw this title font, about fell off my chair. Gotta say — I love it!

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  • Jay August 21, 2010, 7:27 AM

    Nice font! I’m wondering why the “the” is off center? Or did they center it between the R and the T and not the whole word.

  • Mike Duran August 21, 2010, 8:59 AM

    Jay, this is a first draft. I made some observations and suggestions, one of which had to do with the title positioning. At first, I thought the font seemed too Gothic. But after a few looks, I really liked it. So I’m breaking out my black eyeliner and knee high steel toe combat boots in celebration.

    • David James August 21, 2010, 7:55 PM

      Cute, Mike. 😈

      And I like the font too. I am looking forward to when I can get my hands on your book. 🙂

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