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Logline Winners

Thanks to those of you who participated in my Weekend Giveaway. There were lots of great loglines to choose from. I’ve selected three that stood out to me and offer a brief reason for my selection. Once again, thanks so much to all who participated.

KEVIN LUCIA: “On the run from the law, a demon-possessed Billy The Kid and his band of Regulators – secretly aided by an immortal King Solomon – throw down with a man-eating beast and its zombie progeny in the small mining town of Tascosa, Texas.

What did it for me: It’s the pure outlandishness of this blurb that made me do a double-take. Not only does it hit you with a strong, unusual character, Billy the Kid (demon-possessed no less!), it frames a clear setting (a small mining town Texas), a central conflict (throwing down with “a man-eating beast and its zombie progeny”), and a defined genre. Well done, Kevin!

FAITH BLUM: “After a stagecoach robbery leaves them alone in the wilderness, an adventurous young man and his shy sister must brave the hardships of the trail to meet their parents in the West.”

What did it for me: I liked this for its simplicity and clarity. “Stagecoach robbery” immediately establishes conflict, genre and setting; brother and sister trekking through the wilderness frames characters, setting, and stakes; enduring “the hardships of the trail to meet their parents” provides the essential plotline and both a geographic and emotional goal.  Good job, Faith!

JENNI NOORDHOEK: “As brassy wings sprout from his body, a hunchback flees to a beleaguered Galileo for shelter from the Church’s wrath.”

What did it for me: Beginning the pitch with sprouting “brassy wings” catches my attention. What do “brassy wings” look like and why would they be sprouting? Especially from a “hunchback.” Hunchbacks are sympathetic characters, so this also draws me in. The next character also intrigues me: “a beleaguered Galileo.” That word “beleaguered” is important here, especially as attached to this historical figure. And “the Church’s wrath” conjures Inquisitional iridescence. Character, conflict, setting, stakes, and action are all present in this short blurb. Congrats, Jenni!

Kevin, Faith, and Jenni will be received a signed copy of my first novel. I’ll be contacting them via email for shipping directions. Once again, thanks to all who participated. This was really fun!

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  • Kevin Lucia January 30, 2012, 8:44 AM

    YAY! This totally goes into my dedication….

  • Jay DiNitto January 30, 2012, 8:48 AM

    Congrats, y’alls.

  • Aubrey Hansen January 30, 2012, 9:04 AM

    Hooray! I cajoled several of my writer-friends into entering this, so I’m utterly delighted to see that two of them won. 🙂 This is an amazing idea for a contest/giveaway, and I think I’ll try it on my blog when my next book comes out. Thanks so much for hosting! (And thanks to Jenni for sending me the link – I’m now subscribed to your blog, Mike.)

  • Jenni Noordhoek January 30, 2012, 3:20 PM

    Wow! Thanks! 😀

  • Lyn Perry January 30, 2012, 3:51 PM

    Congrats! What fun.

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