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The Hunger Games — Chick Flick in Disguise?

Somewhere along the way, I missed the bandwagon.

After hearing so many writer friends buzzing about The Hunger Game trilogy, I thought maybe… And then, the axe dropped. Teenage girls. Lots of them. And their moms. Waiting in theater lines giggling and gushing.

And this is… The Hunger Games? I thought this was gritty and intense and —

Does anyone else detect a little Hollywood sleight of hand?

  • Dystopian. I’m on board.
  • Cage fighting. Tell me more.
  • Wilderness survival. I’m reaching for my wallet.

And then this:

  • Based on the YA novel. Hmm.
  • Love triangle. I’m putting my wallet back.
  • Teenage heartthrobs. OK. When does Prometheus release?

Where’s Sarah Connor when you need her? Or Ripley? Yeah.

Nice try, Hollywood. You almost had me thinking The Hunger Games was for guys. Instead, it’s Twilight with crossbows and squirrel skins. Sneaky. Very sneaky.

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  • HJ March 31, 2013, 9:52 PM

    This is such a perfect example of men being trapped by antiquated gender roles.

    Hey, I’m no radical, I’m not expecting/or desire for it to become socially acceptable for men to wear skirts or wear makeup.

    But if you’re so afraid of looking feminine that you can’t even watch a movie? That’s a serious problem. I mean look at women, look at the progress they’ve made in the last 50 years. Look at how they’ve broken all the taboos of what isn’t acceptable for a woman to do.

    Then look at men, it’s like we haven’t progressed at all! We’re still in this, “dont’ want to let the guys think I’m a sissy!” phase.

    As much as feminists want everyone to think it’s women that’s always under siege, it’s men that are really in trouble. Men that are so stuck in the past they’re afraid to watch the frigging HUNGER GAMES for godsakes. Seriously, THG has mutants, fighting, a oppressive government, hoverships, dystopian, scifi setting. And you won’t watch it because some teen girls and their moms were standing in line? Because it happens to have a love triangle? Are you frigging kidding me?!

    More women are going to college than men, all the traditional blue collar jobs that men have traditionally done have been outsourced out of America and aren’t coming back. Masculinity as we know it is dying. And no one is trying to move it change it or try to guide men to adapt to the present era.

  • David November 19, 2013, 7:27 AM

    Well that’s just great. My wife made me buy this movie so we can watch it over the weekend. I had no idea this was a chick-flick. Thanks Mike!

    You just made my weekend complete…lol

  • Jack Stevens April 11, 2016, 8:50 AM

    LOL at these females pretending to be males, it’s a chick flick and an awful movie. Aimed at the Geordie Shore/TOWIE watching moron female audience

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