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Q & A with Family Fiction

I was recently interviewed at Family Fiction about my recent novella Requiem 4. I don’t necessarily see my stuff as particularly “family friendly.” That’s not to say it’s family unfriendly, but that proponents of that term tend to frown upon horror, language, and darker elements in fiction. Nevertheless, it was a fun interview with some good questions asked. Here’s a snippet:

What inspired the story in Requiem 4?

Our culture’s continued fascination with ghosts has always interested me, especially in light of our drift towards a secular, materialistic worldview. How does one jibe the belief that everything is just a byproduct of chemical, material processes with a belief that something (or someone) is possibly out there?

Requiem 4 is a take-off of the contemporary “ghost hunter” phenomenon in which I attempt to mesh those two ideas–a materialistic worldview and the possibility of paranormal phenomenon. At bottom, it’s a tale about how disbelief in the devil plays right into his hands.

Anyway, it was a fun Q&A which you can check out HERE. Requiem 4 is currently available through Amazon for only $0.99.

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