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My art is an evolving adventure. sell at artswalks, holiday bizarres, Day of the Dead venues. ExtrinsicArt-logo-4

eXtrinisc Art is my shop on ETSY that features my handmade, handpainted wall crosses. All crosses are made from lightweight wood, hand-painted, sealed with high gloss acrylic, and ready for hanging. The designs are completely original and each cross, though varying in size, is approximately 11 x 8 inches. Below is a sampling of some of my designs. If you’re interested in seeing my available crosses or are considering a purchase, please check out eXtrinsic Art on Etsy.

cross-69across-93across-81a cross-102across-94a cross-103a cross-97a cross-123a cross-137a

cross-80a cross-105a cross-165a



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Nickolaus A. Pacione July 4, 2010 at 6:23 PM

Hey Mike you did a hell of a job with these, I am surprised you haven’t opted on selling some of these. I think I know someone who might be interested in the Gothic one. Congrats on Midnight Diner 2, and I was wondering if you can write Gothic Horror because there is an anthology that Static Movement is doing called Gothic World (or Gothic Worlds, the artwork rivals The First Diner and The Fourth Tabloid Purposes!)


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