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Zombies Revive Dying Genre

Forget what I said about the lack of creativity and new material in the horror genre. Have you seen the synopsis for Zombie Strippers?

To continue wars in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Canada and Alaska, the fourth-term Bush administration’s military has developed a virus that will reanimate fallen fighters, allowing them to fight on as flesh-hungry super-soldiers. It’s the ultimate stop-loss order. The virusZSPoster.jpg gets out and turns [Jenna] Jameson and her sartorially challenged cohorts into rapidly decaying super-strippers. Writer-director Jay Lee gleefully cannibalizes, of all things, absurdist playwright Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros,” flavoring it with dismembered horror clichés and heaping helpings of nudity. The action takes place in Sartre, Neb., demonstrating that hell is, indeed, other people. And the commentary on social concepts of beauty, particularly in casting sex goddess Jameson as a monster whose appeal to the strip club’s clientele increases with her desiccation, is meaty.

Wow! Now that’s inventive! So what if it’s got a Rotten Tomatoes 41% rating? Where else can you find Nietzsche-quoting, pole dancing cannibals? Heck, I haven’t been this excited about a horror release since Nail Gun Massacre.

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  • Chris D. April 19, 2008, 2:26 PM

    “They’ll dance for a fee, but devour you for free.”

  • Mike Duran April 22, 2008, 12:04 AM

    You would like the “free eating” deal, wouldn’t you?

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