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*BLT — Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse

Post-apocalyptic America is usually associated with mutants, radioactive cacti, Mad Maxian biker clans, and at least one rabid dog. But strip clubs?! I haven’t read Victor Gischler’s book, but if this logline is any indication, I might need to. From the Amazon Product Description:

Mortimer Tate was a recently divorced insurance salesman when he holed up in a cave on top of a mountain in Tennessee and rode out the end of thego-go-girls.jpg world. Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse begins nine years later, when he emerges into a bizarre landscape filled with hollow reminders of an America that no longer exists. The highways are lined with abandoned automobiles; electricity is generated by indentured servants pedaling stationary bicycles. What little civilization remains revolves around Joey Armageddon’s Sassy A-Go-Go strip clubs, where the beer is cold, the lap dancers are hot, and the bouncers are armed with M16s.Accompanied by his cowboy sidekick Buffalo Bill, the gorgeous stripper Sheila, and the mountain man Ted, Mortimer journeys to the lost city of Atlanta — and a showdown that might determine the fate of humanity.

I think it’s the “indentured servants” pedaling stationary bikes to generate electricity that most tickles my fancy. Not sure if the book’s any good but, doggone it, who’d of thunk that strip clubs would be the cradle of the new civilization.

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  • Xdpaul August 20, 2008, 2:35 PM

    Indentured servants on exercise bikes? We should do that NOW to lower oil prices! Apparently, the apocalypse was caused by special atomic weapons that disintegrated the planets coal supply but left the gym equipment untouched.

    That’s a riot.

    I’m glad that the description doesn’t overpromise: the showdown “might” determine the fate of humanity, or it “might” just determine how the book ends.

  • Xdpaul August 20, 2008, 2:36 PM

    Oh. I wonder if good old Mort “rode out the apocalypse” on a stationary bike.

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