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Zombie Friends

Zombie friends are low maintenance. They don’t have feelings, so you can’t hurt them. They’ll always lend a hand… when they’re done gnawing on it, of course. And they’re oddly infectious. In fact, over the last year, my zombie friends have, rather unusually, multiplied. Maybe something’s going around…

Merrie Destefano’s How to Draw Zombies — The first time I officially met her, she ordered blood orange juice and finger sandwiches. Now I know why. If our writer’s group was a hive, Merrie D. would be the Queen and I would be a lowly drone (but don’t drones get eaten?). Anyway, her book’s perfect for that reclusive nephew of yours with an eye for art and, well, anatomies.

Brian Thomas Barnhart’s Pray for Dawn — Brian is the Creative Arts Director for our church and an independent filmmaker with a taste for the macabre. Dude knows cinema, sports gaudy red-rimmed specs, and has connived a killer script about undead armies with intestinal fortitude and a fetish for razor wire.

Greg Mitchell’s The Coming Evil Trilogy — Greg sloughed into Coach’s Midnight Diner with his short story Flowers for Shelly, a love story with real bite, which I relished dismembering editing.  His trilogy was recently sold to Realms Fiction, an imprint of Strang Communications, and is slated for a January 2011 release. Supposedly, each volume will contain blueprints for a survival shelter and Greg’s own recipe for zombie jerky.

So yes, the zombie craze is alive and well. I’ve got the friends to prove it. And as long as they keep their distance, our relationship will be just fine.

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  • Marcus Goodyear March 29, 2010, 2:33 PM

    This is such a fun post! I've been hanging out with Merrie at Mt Hermon the past couple of days and her book is such a wonderful thing.

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