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The Spiritual Wasteland of Ex-Evangelicalism

In 2010 Audrey Assad released a worship album entitled “The House You’re Building.” At the time, she was a gospel singer gaining in popularity among evangelical audiences. I purchased the album and very much enjoyed it. One of my favorite songs on the disc is “Restless.” “I know You’re more than my salvation,” Assad sings, [...]


Did Jesus Just Offend the Religious Elites?

Two local ministers met for coffee. One pastored a small, struggling church while the other pastored a large, thriving church. “Why is your church growing?” the first pastor asked. “Because I preach the Gospel!” the successful pastor answered. “And you?” he asked. “Why is your church not growing?” The first pastor shrugged and said, “Because [...]


Biblical UFOlogy and Hermeneutical Over-Reach

“The Holy Bible contains some of the oldest UFO sightings on record.” Or so says the Aetherius Society. Perhaps the most famous, they suggest, is the Star of Bethlehem. What evidence is there for such a conclusion? Well, basically, not much. It is staggering to think that for centuries it was believed that a star [...]

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(The links in this post are not necessarily an endorsement of the positions or opinions held by their authors.) The denunciation of conspiracy theorists is currently in high gear. Especially as it relates to Christians. The average Google search for “Christians & Conspiracy Theories” will yield an abundance of links: Christians and Conspiracy Theories: A [...]


An excerpt from my latest article, appearing at Lorehaven: *** We often use the term “Christian ghetto” in a way intended to sound derogative. This phrase refers to an artistic subculture riddled with kitsch, propaganda, and second-rate content. Labels like “Christian fiction,” “Christian music,” and “Christian films” describe the lowlands of this ideological backwater.However, the [...]

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The Muddled Metaphysics of Pixar’s “Soul”

The afterlife — and even the “before life!” — play a crucial role in Pixar’s latest release, “Soul.” But unlike the traditional Heaven & Hell paradigm of Judeo-Christian / Western tradition, “Soul’s” hereafter is a gauzy mish-mash of religious concepts and abstractions. The film is marketed as a kid’s movie, but the topics it broaches [...]

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How Should We Remember Ravi Zacharias?

Pulitzer Prize winner, David Garrow, who authored a biography of Martin Luther King in 1986, admitted last year, after looking through newly released archival FBI documents, that King’s infidelities’ and sexual misconduct was much bigger than he once believed. “I always thought there were 10-12 other women,” Garrow said. “Not 40-45.” In fact, he suggested [...]