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Writing the “Other” or Writing “Us”

In Storytelling, Portraying Universal Human Experience is Superior to Emphasizing Identity Particulars My first novel featured a female protagonist. Being that my then writing group consisted mainly of females, the critiques came down pretty hard — “A woman wouldn’t think like that!” they said, or “A woman wouldn’t act like that!” It was an eye-opening [...]


In Praise of Schism

The growing divide between Christians who advocate LGBTQ affirmation and inclusion and those who hold to traditional biblical sexual ethics is tragic but necessary. Jesus was talking about Hell when He said, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” (Mk. 3:24 NIV). Apparently, the Dark Lord runs a tight ship. He [...]


The Cult of the “Expert”

Our failure to interrogate scientists, academics, researchers, and journalists is creating a class of (perceived) infallible elites.


The Spiritual Wasteland of Ex-Evangelicalism

In 2010 Audrey Assad released a worship album entitled “The House You’re Building.” At the time, she was a gospel singer gaining in popularity among evangelical audiences. I purchased the album and very much enjoyed it. One of my favorite songs on the disc is “Restless.” “I know You’re more than my salvation,” Assad sings, [...]


Did Jesus Just Offend the Religious Elites?

Two local ministers met for coffee. One pastored a small, struggling church while the other pastored a large, thriving church. “Why is your church growing?” the first pastor asked. “Because I preach the Gospel!” the successful pastor answered. “And you?” he asked. “Why is your church not growing?” The first pastor shrugged and said, “Because [...]


Biblical UFOlogy and Hermeneutical Over-Reach

“The Holy Bible contains some of the oldest UFO sightings on record.” Or so says the Aetherius Society. Perhaps the most famous, they suggest, is the Star of Bethlehem. What evidence is there for such a conclusion? Well, basically, not much. It is staggering to think that for centuries it was believed that a star [...]

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(The links in this post are not necessarily an endorsement of the positions or opinions held by their authors.) The denunciation of conspiracy theorists is currently in high gear. Especially as it relates to Christians. The average Google search for “Christians & Conspiracy Theories” will yield an abundance of links: Christians and Conspiracy Theories: A [...]